Kelly Burke

Executive Director

Kelly joined the steering committee and then the board that helped guide the Arizona Wilderness Coalition not long after cofounding … Read More

Lynne Westerfield

Stewardship Program Manager

Lynne has spent her professional career dividing her time between conservation initiatives, outdoor education, and guiding in the wild places … Read More

Jonathan Patt

Field Operations Manager

Jonathan has been an avid outdoor enthusiast most of his life, and grew up hiking and exploring the Southwest with … Read More

Larry Stevens

Senior Ecologist

Larry Stevens was born in Cleveland, Ohio in 1951, moved to Arizona in 1970, and attended Prescott College in Prescott, … Read More

Katrina Pappas

Business Manager

Katrina brings 26 years of experience in nonprofit administration, having served for a number of years as the general manager … Read More

Rebecca Watson

Office Admin

Rebecca moved from Colorado to Arizona in 2022. She brings 30 years of management and administrative experience in the telecom … Read More

Luke Koenig

Volunteer Coordinator

Luke grew up in Maryland and attended St. Mary’s College of Maryland, where he first cut his teeth in invasive … Read More

Phoebe Stevens

Media Manager & Stewardship Program Assistant

Phoebe is an Arizona native, who grew up exploring the Southwest through her parents’ ecological and artistic lenses. She graduated … Read More

Rob McFarren

Veterans Outreach Associate

Rob is an established leader who has extensive experience building and leading strong-identity teams. A United States Military Academy graduate … Read More

Dexter Kopas

Field Crew Leader

Originally from Seattle, Dexter found a love for field conservation work while studying geology and environmental studies at Wisconsin’s Beloit … Read More

Nico Lorenzen

Field Crew Leader

Nico was born and raised in Tucson and spent most of his time out and about in the Sonoran Desert … Read More

Nizhoni Baldwin

Field Crew Member

Nizhoni grew up on the Navajo Reservation where her love for the outdoors began. Having spent much of her childhood … Read More

Sam Baggenstos

Conservation Associate

Ever since he was a mere stripling Sam has enjoyed three things: reading, friendships, and adventures. Recently, he has carefully … Read More

Jordan Zweig

Conservation Associate

Originally from Santa Fe, Jordan grew up in the Ventura backcountry in southern California, and spent his childhood playing outdoors. … Read More

Kile Stumbo

Field Crew Member

Kile grew up in the Phoenix area before moving to Los Angeles to pursue audio production for film & television. … Read More

Iman Chatila

Field Crew Member

Iman grew up in Bellevue, WA. After getting a Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology, she first worked with youth in … Read More

Ollie Linden

Field Crew Member

Ollie Linden is an artist whose love for nature springs from an early childhood in the woods of northern New … Read More