protecting and restoring the intricate web of life along the Colorado River through Glen and Grand Canyons

We are scientists, river runners, land and wildlife professionals, teachers, outdoorspeople, artists—a band of ardent conservationists—merging our talents to provide creative, collaborative, science-based solutions for conserving the Canyon’s and the River’s native habitats and wildlife.  Since 1996, Grand Canyon Wildlands Council has provided a passionate and science-driven voice for the River. We hold a conservation stakeholder seat in the Adaptive Management Work Group, which recommends actions to the Secretary of Interior for the operation of Glen Canyon Dam. We also publish the ever popular ‘Stevens’ Map and Guide to the Colorado River in Grand Canyon. The guidebook includes an extensive chapter on the history and effects of Glen Canyon Dam and details the stewardship steps we can collectively take to save the species and habitats of the river corridor downstream, while working alongside the Indigenous nations who hold this living cultural landscape sacred.

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riparian restoration; missing species; springtime high flow events
stewardship recommendations:

1. Use Glen Canyon Dam to protect native species and natural ecosystem processes, and while respecting socio-economic values. 2. Respect and integrate indigenous Tribal values in river and Canyon management. 3. Rigorously integrate unbiased science into innovative and responsive stewardship. 4. Use naturally-timed high flows to manage sandbars (November floods are not natural), and limit sand export during equalization. 5. Restore populations of all native fish to their natural distributions. 5. Continue the biological inventory of Grand Canyon.