group volunteer events.

Our Wild Stew program was founded on the principle that when people come together in an outdoor setting to give back to our public land and enjoy each other’s camaraderie and share good meals, great things can happen! Our projects can range between trail maintenance, native habitat restoration, data collection and monitoring, and more! Browse our calendar of upcoming events below!

individual volunteer opportunities.

In addition to the larger group events our Wild Stew program is known for, we have plenty of great independent opportunities to give back and contribute to public lands, conservation and wilderness stewardship! Wild Arizona has several ongoing monitoring programs which can greatly use your help!

solitude monitoring.

As part of a monitoring program to ensure that Wilderness areas continue to provide opportunities for everyone to experience solitude, solitude monitoring involves counting your encounters with people while out hiking.

If you like to get out and discover new places, or if you regularly visit any of our listed monitoring areas, solitude monitoring can be a great opportunity to give back while recreating on your own!

invasive plant monitoring.

Help our ongoing native habitat restoration project in Arnett Creek just outside of Superior, AZ by documenting any invasive tamarisk or oleander plants that you find while hiking, riding or otherwise enjoying this beautiful desert riparian canyon.