Lynne Westerfield

Stewardship Program Manager

Lynne has spent her professional career dividing her time between conservation initiatives, outdoor education, and guiding in the wild places of the West.  She strives to bring connection and love for the natural world into every aspect of human life.

Lynne received her masters degree in Natural Resources from the University of Idaho and her undergraduate degree in Geology from Colorado College.  She co-founded the Cloud City Conservation Center in Leadville, Colorado and believes in community-scale solutions to our trickiest environmental dilemmas.  Lynne has guided all over the West and the world, and is currently a river guide and trip leader for Canyon Explorations in Grand Canyon.

Some of her favorite wild places are tucked away in the red rock canyons and mesas of the Colorado Plateau, along the Mogollon Rim, and in her home watershed of the Little Colorado River where she lives with her partner Josh and doggie Sola amid the juniper savannah.  She loves monsoons, boating in all sorts of river craft, reading anything she can get her hands on, perfecting her pad thai recipe, and singing really loudly to Cindy Lauper while playing her grandmother’s ukulele.