Kelly Burke

Executive Director

Kelly joined the steering committee and then the board that helped guide the Arizona Wilderness Coalition not long after cofounding Grand Canyon Wildlands Council with Larry Stevens and board member Kim Crumbo. Today, she is honored (and stoked!) to lead the combined Wild Arizona crew forward on our freshly merged pathway.

Her background is in structural geology, hydrology and aqueous geochemistry, fluvial geomorphology, geoarcheology, and springs and riparian restoration, which she combines with extensive experience in coordinating field projects and conservation campaigns, building partnerships, community engagement, nonprofit leadership, and fundraising.

Kelly loves people, water, and wild nature with a common concern for their health, free movement, and full lives. Kelly also shares our business manager Katrina Pappas’ passion for riding performance horses and for all equine and canine friends who teach us to be better humans, while bringing us closer to the wild world within them.