Ollie Linden

Field Crew Member

Ollie Linden is an artist whose love for nature springs from an early childhood in the woods of northern New Hampshire. Though much of their later life has been spent in cities, they were introduced to hiking and camping by friends who were passionate about the outdoors, and immediately felt a deep appreciation for the healing that can come from being in nature. Ollie’s traveled around the US working on farms in New Mexico and CA, and later began working as an arts instructor in Los Angeles, and Oakland. Their love of travel lead them to spend a winter working as a steward at McMurdo Station, Antarctica-an experience which lead them to continue pursuing a life in the outdoors. Ollie is passionate about helping to increase access to nature. They are thrilled to join the Wild Stew Field Crew, working to help preserve and protect Arizona’s wild spaces. In their free time Ollie can be found riding their bike around town, hiking, and drawing comics.