Today we are celebrating the 15th annual Endangered Species Day, with a spotlight on two of our Wild Arizona favorites: 

Mexican gray wolves, lobos, are an essential part of the ecological fabric of the Southwest. They are critically endangered, having been reintroduced from a founding population of just 7 wolves, and are unique to this region, intelligent, family-oriented, and relatively small and more colorful than northern gray wolves. This week, long-time WildAZ board member Kim Crumbo and lobo expert Dave Parsons presented all you need to know about lobo recovery, in this excellent zoom webinar cohosted by The Rewilding Institute and Project Coyote, with WildAZ participating. Watch and take action for Lobos!

The Humpback Chub puts whitewater river runners to shame with its ability to navigate and thrive in the Colorado River in Grand Canyon, where our Grand Canyon Wildlands Council team led by Dr. Larry Stevens applies ecosystem and restoration science to sustain the Chub in the highly-altered conditions downstream of Glen Canyon Dam. We do this primarily through our stakeholder seat in the Adaptive Management Program, which includes a WIKI site in response to our call to write down decades of AMP history. See the Chub page for loads of information here. And in a light-hearted nod to this celebratory day, don’t miss a listen to the humpback chub song…

Be well and make this a very special day for our wild family,
Kelly, Larry, Kim and the Wild Arizona crew

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