Matt Wilson

Conservation Crew Member

Matt Wilson was born and raised in the northeast in Hamden, CT and currently resides on the shores of the exquisite Lake Tahoe. After attending college in Maine, Matt became fascinated with ecological systems associated with the Northern Appalachian mountain region. After graduating, he took his endeavours west working as a wilderness ranger in the vast Bob Marshall Wilderness complex, conservation corps member with AmeriCorps in Flagstaff, AZ, and finally, as a forestry technician in timber sale prep in Camptonville, CA.  As he continues to work a series of different jobs with a plethora of different experiences, he feels that he will gain the most knowledge that he can to become a successful forester and restoration expert.  Matt’s passion is fueled by the immaculate views and escape from society that the natural world effortlessly imposes.  Wild Arizona provides an excellent opportunity to expand on his career and offers some very extensive and important projects indicative of restoration and maintenance for the public to enjoy for years to come!  He is proud to be a part of something that will have lasting impacts!