John Clark-Kuebler

Field Crew Member

Born into a military family in Everett, WA, John spent the entirety of his youth moving around the country and abroad, exploring a wide variety of ecosystems from a young age. From the time John left home, he began to explore these ecosystems more intimately through kayaking, backpacking, and anything else that got him outside. John started working in the outdoor industry in early 2019, exploring the icy expanses of the Boundary Waters in Winter, the deep mangrove swamps of the Everglades, the craggy peaks of the High Sierra, and the pristine wilderness of the Gila headwaters, to name a few.

Through these explorations, John was repeatedly drawn to the diverse beauty of Arizona, while growing his passion for the hard work it takes to keep our public lands clean, safe, and accessible. On his many long section hikes of the Arizona Trail, John grew his interest of America’s expansive trails system, too. John brings this passion and knowledge to Wild Arizona to help continue the mission to protect, link, and restore Arizona’s land and water.